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Your Local Kitchen Remodeling Specialists

Making dream kitchens a reality. Exceeding expectations. Doing it with heart.

Making Your Kitchen Remodel Dream a Reality. Serving These Locations:

  • Grass Valley

  • Nevada City

  • Colfax

  • Penn Valley

  • Auburn

  • Lincoln

  • Rocklin

  • Roseville

  • Meadow Vista

  • Nevada County

  • Placer County

  • Yuba County

"Remodeling a kitchen is a big deal. And we take it very serious. Our business is built around the premise that your home is your home, not our job site! That is why we go above and beyond the call of duty to exceed your expectations!"

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Matthew Sutherlin

Co-Founder and President

Kitchens With Heart & Green Bee Construction Inc.

When You Choose us For Your Kitchen Remodel, You'll Receive:

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 An Amazing Kitchen Remodeling Experience


Exactly What You



 Prompt, Professional, and Reliable Service

Kitchens With Heart kitchen remodeling answers

What would Kitchens With Heart say is "a successful kitchen remodel?"

The moment your dream kitchen has become your reality, your expectations have been exceeded, and you can say without hesitation that you're very happy you chose us, success. Kitchens With Heart was never dreamed up to just remodel kitchens. Almost any contractor can do that. We've created a business model that avoids pitfalls, and creates an outcome that is better than expected. Yep indeed, we call that sweet success!

Explain the heart of Kitchens With Heart?

We've seen it too many times over the years. Unsuspecting homeowners homes become job sites, their lives are disrupted by brute force as an army of trades people storm their gates!  Many would not know any different. They would just chalk it up to the experience and begin to deep clean their homes to rid it of the mess left behind.


NOT HERE! The very DNA of Kitchens With Heart has come from years of studying areas that kitchen remodeling can be improved on. It comes from a desire to provide you a higher level of service and a better overall experience. 

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. Life is sustained, enjoyed, and cultivated in this room. When remodeling a kitchen, all of this comes to a halt. The results? A beautifully remodeled kitchen far greater than what once was! 


We've created a company that caters to this transition in a way that is minimally invasive and destructive to your way of life. We've examined the areas that create frustration, confusion, and disorder, and eliminated them! It is the heart of what we do; caring for you and your home! It's the Kitchens With Heart way.

What makes Kitchens With Heart unique?

Kitchen remodeling on it's own is fun. We enjoy it. Creating something amazing invigorates us. Something beyond the norm, exceptional, memorable, and life-changing. YES! That is what makes KWH unique. And it is that very pursuit that will create an experience for you that is heart warming, enjoyable, and unforgettable! 

With KWH your kitchen remodel begins with an image. Yep, a simple image. But this image is unique to you and will allow you to see your finished kitchen before we even begin the remodel!


This is not some lame low resolution kitchen design, it is a completely life-like CGI (computer generated image) of your new kitchen. Your flooring, cabinetry, counters, back splash, grout and wall color, and even your hardware, in life-like detail! This ensures success. Not close, almost, or a near miss. SUCCESS! Sweet SUCCESS! 

You've saved, waited, and planned too long to miss the moment. Who wants to walk into their new kitchen after everything it took to get there with regrets? Not our customers! We refuse that. By using advanced CGI imagery designing, our customers eliminate the risk of regrets, expensive and timely change orders are avoided, and we're able to give you our absolute best pricing because we are all going to be on the same page, or should we say, picture!

With KWH you will experience minimal disruptions to your lifestyle! Ever heard of a Heart Cart? Didn't think so. After all we created it just for you! A Heart Cart is just one more way we care for you during your kitchen remodeling experience. many would never guess it, but one of the biggest disruptions during a kitchen remodel is not having a sink! Ever tried washing a pan in your tiny bathroom sink, or while on your knees in your bathtub? 

When you choose KWH to care for your kitchen, you will not have too. Our custom made stainless steel Heart Cart to the rescue. You will be able to wash dishes, dry dishes, and even have a nice sized working surface to use, during your kitchen remodel! 

We also have cooking carts for you to use. The cooking cart has electric  burners on top and a nice sized compact toaster over/convection oven to bake in. 

For weeks you will love our carts. And most of all, you will experience just one more way that we focus our heart upon providing you not just an amazing newly remodeled kitchen, but an unsurpassed experience.

The dust! Holy moly, the dust. If you've been around remodeling for anytime, or have had friends or family who have, then you've heard these stories. We don't like this story. In fact we despise it. It's your home, NOT our job site. 

Our passion is your homes protection. Our valiant team comes armed with paper, plastic, and tape. And we know how to use it! We vehemently vacuum, and sweep swiftly. Ultimately, we care. And we want to provide you with something exceptional.

It is the heart of what we do!



Go ahead and fill out the form at the top of this page. We will promptly contact you, answer any questions you may have, and schedule a free consultation and estimate. No pushy sales people. Just experienced professionals with a whole lot of heart!

As specialists you will have an unsurpassed experience, and an amazing new kitchen! It is our passion.

Our advanced design imaging will allow you to see every detail of your kitchen before the remodeling begins

Your counting on us to show up, and make it happen. And we will. You will get what you pay for, and more!

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