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Dreams come true in Alta Sierra

This classic Alta Sierra Kitchen remodel is an example of how Kitchens With Heart triumphs over evil! Even the evil of Golden Oak cabinets! Yuk. 

Take a look at the after! Gorgeous. It has become a favorite on the list. What has? Reading this customers posts on Facebook about how much they're enjoying their new kitchen!

As much fun as it is to tear out a kitchen and make it far better than new, it is even better to hear the stories of delight that follow.

All over Grass Valley, Nevada County, and the Foothills of California, Kitchens with Heart is changing lives, one kitchen at a time!

Mixing it up in Nevada City

Don't let life get boring. Mix it up! That's what we did on this beautiful kitchen in a brand new Nevada City home.


The gray cabinets stand tall and proud reaching to the heights of the nine foot ceilings, while the white cabinetry brings a sense of purity and simplicity to this design.

Together they create a seamlessly paired thing of modern beauty!


Grass Valley Transitional

White shaker cabinets are the rage in new kitchens across the country. This beauty is local and boasts concrete counter tops hand formed, ground, and polished by the Kitchens With Heart team.

The farm house sink is ready for work, yet adds attainable charm. 

If a kitchen remodel can talk, this one would say, "welcome home!"

No! It can't be!

But it is. It's a fake. Yep this picture is certifiably fake. The design was created by our co-founder, Sean Walsh, but the image itself is CGI (computer generated).

BUT DON'T WORRY, we're not trying to trick you. We're just showing off what we can do for you! 

Imagine seeing your completed kitchen before starting. Would that help? YES IT WOULD! That way you know you'll love it. And that is exactly what we do. It's part of our service to you!

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